A great business is rooted in its founders passion for their product or service. The Justice Manor was created in 2013 by father and daughter team, Daryll and Imani Jones. Imani’s love for travel and hospitality coupled with Daryll’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen helped to create a hospitality company designed to be excellent. From the moment you walk into The Justice Manor you will get a glimpse of the family’s love for law, order & justice with the buildings design of a lawyer’s den. A family of missionaries, Daryll, Xolie (wife), and Imani plan and lead several missions trips a year to Haiti and Africa – where they spread the word of Justice with Global Justice Ministries and mentor young attorneys. In fact, 10% of occupancy time in the Justice Manor is dedicated to hosting missionaries from around the world in NYC for free! If you don’t get to catch Imani, Xolie, or Daryll on your trip – rest assured – we have a trained a great team of live-in staff to assist you in your stay and ensure that you’re visit goes according to plan!

We offer free stays to missionaries during the off-peak season. To inquire about a missionary stay, please email us at thejusticetower@gmail.com.

*Missionaries must be actively involved in spreading the gospel of Christ.